Having a video made of your special day is something you can look back on for years to come, a beautiful hi-light to show friends, family and even your children of just how exceptional your day was. Watching your film in 10 years time will bring back all the feels of being newlyweds, something that photos on their own just can't do.


Everyone has a different budget and we understand how quickly wedding costs can add up. We have tailor made 4 packages for you to pick from as well as having additional extras for you to add to your package. So if you are wanting to go large and add in all our extras or are keeping things small & intimate just chat to us and we can put something together to suit your needs.  

Our packages start at R18000 with a beautiful hi-light film capturing the essentials of the day. Where we can, we try to include travel & accommodation costs into the package price but for weddings that require a plane to get to or a hard to reach destination we might have to add that to your package. We don't expect anything fancy but if you won't stay there we probably won't either. ​

Let's talk budget...

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